Health = Salamat

  • “PHARMED SALAMAT IRANIAN” is a dynamic and active Company in the field of medicine and medical.
  • Having 20 years of experience in the health industry, Import with required certifications, marketing and distribution of brands is our main field of activity.
  • We are present in most exhibitions to find out best and new technologies.
  • Marketing department of this company has creative techniques to make the deepest positive influence on local market.
  • Open opportunities' to New Possibilities: We are working in medical devices & equipment industry. So honored and thankful Focusing on Marketing & Advertising field, ours rich experience to make new opportunities by sharing our knowledge and work experience perfect job and ability to expand our business.


Our Specialists

  •  Our company is professional in developed technical skills and ability to consolidate complex technical information to solve operational problems equipment plus applications.
  • This company has a great relation with doctors and specialists to take products and services feedback.
  • We have a technical department to supply guarantee and after sale service for devices.
  • Own well known brands like "Green Life's" in Iran market especially with heart and lung specialists.
  • This company work on very well known global brands as well.

Online Store



  •  PharMed Salamat Iranian has an online store in Persian language.
  • Online Store:

  • This site has a high local ranking with positive activation.
  • With our background from a trading and export-import business, we have earned excellent competencies in extensive knowledge of marketing management and analysis in cross functional teams.
  • If your company is an influential company in medicine and medical business, we are pleased to approach you in the hope of developing business for mutual benefit as your exclusive agent in Iran.
  • We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can contribute to the cooperation.

Continuous Support

  • PharMED Salamat Iranian Co. Ltd. Contact information:
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